Carly Simon Sells Her Village Townhouse for $2.32M

Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013 05:16 PM
46 Commerce Street Carly Simon living room
46 Commerce Street Carly Simon kitchen
46 Commerce Street Carly Simon bedroom

Singer/songwriter Carly Simon has finally sold her Manhattan apartment at 46 Commerce Street after desperately trying to rid herself of this charming abode for quite some time.

The folksy singer's West Village pad, which was built in 1817, was going for $3.8 million back in 2008. The price was chopped to $2.75 million a while back, but it ultimately sold for just $2.32 million. With a listing period of just over five years, it was obviously having trouble garnering potential buyers.

The no frills 46 Commerce Street townhouse boasts the standard attractive features--two bedrooms, two bathrooms, wide-plank flooring, high ceilings, in addition to, well, a heavy dose of quirkiness. For example, it has a bathtub that is located outside of the bathroom and a curtain separating one of the bedrooms from the living room--and these are just a couple of the unique peculiarities that accompany the home.

Ms. Simon hasn't actually lived in the duplex for quite some time, which explains why she wanted to sell it. She currently resides in tony Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.