CitySpires $100M Penthouse Developer Confirms and Designer Denies

Friday, 31 Aug 2012 03:17 PM

Chilean-born decorator and designer Juan Pablo Molyneux, who designed the incredibly hyped penthouse at City Spire, denies that the design of the apartment is his, according to the NY Times. Mr. Molyneux told the NY Times that he drew the original plans for the layout 18 years ago, but then was excluded by the developer and owner Steven Klar before he had the chance to execute his plans for the actual penthouse.

Mr. Klar on the other hand confirms that he followed the plans of Mr. Molyneux very closely and did everything to implement every detail. The New York Times visited the apartment, saw the original plans and had to admit that there was barely any difference to the original plan.

Considering the fact that Mr. Molyneux designed the penthouse 18 years ago and might have forgotten the details he implemented, it’s likely that his taste has either changed or simply forgot his work. Is it that detrimental to his current work to take credit for it? Let us bask in this rare moment of an artist’s ego being kept in check.