Extell Returns One57 Deposit to Hirtenstein After Cancelling

Thursday, 25 Oct 2012 08:48 AM

It is now official; Michael Hirtenstein is out of New York’s hottest new construction – One57. Gary Barnett has returned Michael Hirtenstein’s contract and deposit. The New York property investor Michael Hirtenstein was in contract to buy a unit for $16 million, and he was treated like any other buyer, which means, that he wasn’t allowed to see the unit before completion.

That was something Mr. Hirtenstein didn’t like and reportedly bribed a construction worker with $200 to record a video of the unit, according to the Post. Gary Barnett didn’t take to well to that and reportedly rejected Mr. Hirtenstein, cancelling the contract. However Mr. Hirtenstein claims, “He likes to say he rejected me. He’s completely off base. I’d asked to go up. They wouldn’t let me. You want me to spend $16 million without seeing it?”