Hurricane Sandy Puts Lower Manhattan Under Water; One57 Dangling

Monday, 29 Oct 2012 09:01 PM
Dangling One57 2
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Hurricane Sandy Lower Manhatten Flooded
14th street townhouse without facade hurricane sandy
Battery tunntel flooded Sandy
Battery tunntel flooded Sandy 2
Flooded Lower Manhattan Sandy
Flooded Manhattan Hurricane Sandy
Path Station under water
Flooding in Manhattan

The damage from Hurricane Sandy is nothing that Manhattan has ever seen before. Many parts of lower Manhattan are severely flooded and without electricity or hot water. The MTA is at a complete halt and service might not be back for as long as a week. The absolute worst-case scenario has happened and even surpassed predictions.

Cars have been seen swimming in the flood. Police have evacuated lower Manhattan, and closed it down to in and out going traffic. The Battery Tunnel is flooded with water, and no timetable has been provided for when it will be open again.

Battery Park City experienced the highest water point ever measured. More than 30,000 people are without power and are left in the dark. Con Ed shut down the power in certain areas to prevent greater damage.

The crane at One57 is still dangling and it looks like it could drop to the street at any minute. Mayor Bloomberg said in a press conference:

“We just don’t want to risk the lives of anybody trying to be a hero and securing it at the moment,” he said. “With the winds as they are, we just can’t secure it now. The best thing we can do is take precautions. When the winds die down, the engineers will find a way to secure it.”

The police have evacuated many blocks surrounding One57 and have shut down gas as well as steam. Jeff Dvorett, vice president of development at Extell, declined to comment.