Karim Rashid Designs New Purple Building

Tuesday, 19 Nov 2013 05:22 PM
HAP 4 at 653-667 West 187th Street facade

Avant-garde architect and designer Karim Rashid, who designed a “diamond” inspired building for Harlem last month is, well, at it again.

Rashid is well known for creating highly unusual buildings, which a lot of times involve whimsical themes and plenty of pastels. This time he will be adding yet another bold design to his portfolio with his new 100-unit project in the Washington Heights section of the city for HAP Investments. 

HAP 4 at 653-667 West 187th Street looks rather futuristic with its purple, checkered and striped facade with windows that are quite reminiscent of Tetris. Was that what he was going for? No clue. But in a statement obtained by curbed regarding his architectural designs Rashid said, “I believe in moving the trends away from tired archetypes and cold minimalism.” Well, he is doing just that. 

HAP Investments are also the ones who told Rashid to come up with the 1655 Madison Avenue diamond building for the site that they bought for $2.2 million back in May, so apparently they love his unique designs.