New Pics of the $130M River House Released

Monday, 18 Nov 2013 05:19 PM
Renderings for River House bathroom
Renderings for River House screening room
Renderings for River House tennis court

The Residence at the River House, which is not just the most expensive home in New York City at $130 million but upon completion will also be the city's largest single-family home, has released new renderings illustrating its jaw-dropping plans. 

In its breathtaking renderings, the astonishing 62,000-square-foot, five-level property has the potential essentially to surpass all other pre-existing luxury homes around the city and become the epitome of luxury. 

Once home to the 82-year-old iconic River House social club, the impending renovations will turn the ritzy lounge spot into a rather well-equipped mansion within a luxury building, much to the chagrin of some of its residents--those who would rather keep their wheezing old status-symbol club. 

Henry Kissinger and 39 other owners have voiced their disapproval to the building's co-op board over the transformation of their precious club into what will be the mother of all abodes. Regardless, the plan looks like it will indeed be going through--and what plans they are!  

There will be private entrances, a marble foyer, an 82-foot swimming pool, tennis court, game room, screening room, and a spa--in addition to its ten bathrooms. Of all the home's eight total bedrooms, the master bedroom has its own 15,000-square-foot level that enjoys plenty of his-and-her space, while the staff level has 6,000 square feet dedicated to bedrooms, work space, and a lounge. 

The 435 East 52nd Street River House overlooking the East River opened in 1931 and has offered (and continues to offer) affluent standards that now have become slightly dated. The building supposedly pulled back on at least some of the restrictions that were set by their notoriously discerning board who at one time didn't want celebrities or “new money” to be admitted as residents. Consequently, some feel that this major transformation of the club might be a sign that the building is finally changing. 

Keep in mind, we reported that somehow Uma Thurman was approved by the board a few months ago and now lives there, after so many celebs have been turned down over the decades. So perhaps the buyer of this mind-blowing abode, which has been listed for two months now, will actually be a famous person. Gasp!