Obama To Visit NYC on Thursday

Friday, 09 Nov 2012 04:07 PM

President Barack Obama will be visiting New York City on Thursday to view the progress of the recovery from Hurricane Sandy, the Associated Press reported. The President wanted to visit New York City right after the hurricane hit, but Mayor Bloomberg requested that the President not visit so soon in order that he not interrupt the recovery process. At that time, the Mayor needed all of NYC’s resources to focus on cleaning up and repairing the damage. He did not want to have to divert any resources to the protection of the President.

Mr. Obama is supposed to meet with the families impacted by the storm as well as local officials. It has been estimated that damages caused by Sandy could total $33 billion in the state of New York alone.

As of yesterday, ConEd stated that up to 30,000 households still do not have power, and further inspections of the homes are needed before power can be safely restored.