Parking Garage Sued in the Wake of Sandy

Wednesday, 19 Dec 2012 01:03 PM

A parking garage in lower Manhattan locked its doors without warning just before Hurricane Sandy hit, preventing customers from retrieving their cars and fleeing. A class action lawsuit for unspecified damages is now underway against the garage. The NYPOST reports that “Clients were assured by the 24/7 staff that the garage will not close and remain open during the storm.” One man, who tried to evacuate with his wheelchair-bound daughter, found himself in front of a locked up garage with only 3-foot sandbags in front of it.

On November 9th customers were allowed for the first time to enter the garage after signing a liability waiver. All 50 trapped cars were flooded and suffered severe damage.  Residents found it disturbing to see cars’ floating in purple-like water, while the smell of oil and dirt polluted the area around the garage so badly that breathing was almost impossible. An executive at the garage, Michael Wolf, said the “hurricane did, of course, have a significant impact on the 227 Cherry St. parking facility.” He refused to comment on the pending lawsuit against the garage.