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Weinergate Anthony Weiner moves into a $3.3 million NYC Apartment

Monday, 13 Aug 2012 11:35 AM
Weinergate Anthony Weiner and his new NYC Apartment

Recently, we learned that Anthony Wiener’s beautiful wife took him back after the Wienergate scandal and now we learn news is in his favor again. Former Congressman Anthony Wiener and his wife moved into a beautiful 2,210-square-foot, four-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom luxury apartment – where he most likely spends time changing his son’s diapers or doing laundry as he lost all of his political clout. The monthly rent of the apartment is estimated to be around $12,000 to $14,000.

Nicole Kidman sells her $16 million Apartment in Greenwich Village

Monday, 13 Aug 2012 12:59 AM
Nicole Kidman at 173 Perry Street West Village

A recent rumor about Nicole Kidman is that she is upset that a building, designed by Richard Meier, is going to ruin her luxury view of the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty, from her apartment at 176 Perry Street. Currently it is hearsay, but the new owner of the apartment doesn’t care about a restricted view in the future.

John Legend buys a $2.5 million Apartment in Chelsea

Sunday, 12 Aug 2012 08:42 PM
John Legend at Carriage House 159 West 24th Street

Grammy Award winner John Legend bought a 1-bedroom apartment at The Brewster Carriage House for almost $2.5 million. The apartment is a 1,969-square-foot 1-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom condo which features a roof terrace and convenient in-house parking. John Legend sold his former NYC apartment at 52 East 4th Street for $2.76 million. The original asking price was $2.95 million.