Dicaprio Buys “Green” Village Condo

Monday, 11 Nov 2013 04:57 PM
66 East 11th Street loft kitchen
66 East 11th Street loft 2nd bathroom
66 East 11th Street loft bathroom
66 East 11th Street loft media room
66 East 11th Street rooftop lounge
66 East 11th Street loft living room with column

Leonardo Dicaprio has finally settled on a New York City “green” loft after checking out several high-end luxury pads over the past few months while we all waited with bated breath over which one he would pick. 

After looking at One Madison, and rumors that he checked out the recently purchased 45 East 74th Street townhouse, Dicaprio has decided to purchase an apartment at 66 East 11th Street. 

Delos, a revamped 1897 building, claims to be a specifically designed “wellness” inspired home by development group Delos Living. Dicaprio is apparently so fond of the group that he has actually invested in them and plans to join their board.  

On their website, the eco-friendly development group boasts about using “medical research and architectural engineering” to create an environmentally conscious, yet posh standard of living within their two luxury residential buildings and several commercial and mixed-use projects. 

The units at the Greenwich Village Delos enjoy mind-blowing, unique features that apparently people, including Dicaprio, actually need in order to live well. Posture-supportive flooring, shower water infused with vitamin C, and a Donna Karen Urban Zen Wellness concierge service are some of the wellness features the building offers its residents.  

Although the exact Delos apartment that Dicaprio purchased is still unknown, according to the New York Post he allegedly spent upward of $14 million for one of the building’s five “green” luxury units. Of course, he could have even snagged the one and only penthouse among the five units for $50 million—which is way upward. We will just have to wait and see.